FTM-300DR and FT-857D configuration for Winlink Express

Here is how to configure your Yaesus FTM-300DR and FT-857D to work with Winlink Express, using Digirig Mobile modem , FTM-300 Cable or FT-857D Cable.

Note: The same Digirig Mobile Modem will work with both radios and the instructions below is the same for both radios.

Microphone Volume Level

On my Yeasu FTM-399DR is around 42

On my Yeasu FT-857D is around 45

Note: When trying to figure out the optimal volume level try the ones listed above as a starting point and you will then need to go UP or DOWN one click at a time until you find the best one for your radio.

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Ham Radio Reference Cards

ham radio emergency field operator

I have made up some business-size card that has reference information you could use in the field. Like how to manually program frequencies for simplex and repeater or Radio frequencies for your Ares/Races and others.

These are FREE Google slide files for anyone who wants them. Just do the simple steps below so you can modify them yourself.

  1. Click on the card you want below.
  2. Do FILE then Make A Copy select Entire presentation, and give it the name you want to call it, then select Make A Copy.

After you have done Make A Copy, you can modify it for your specific information.

NOTE: when you get ready to print your card, make sure that Scale% is set to Actual Size. Then Cut and Laminate.

  1. BF-F8HP for manual setup Simplex Frequency
  2. BF-F8HP for manual setup Repeater Frequency
  3. FTM 300dr for manual setup Repeater Frequency
  4. FTM 300dr for manual setup Simplex Frequency
  5. FTM-300dr Setting power level (TXPWR)
  6. Hillsborough FT2d Ares/Races Emergency Frequencies
  7. Hillsborough AresRaces PSO Email Addresses
  8. RTS System – Front
  9. RTS System – Back
  10. APRS Cheat Sheet
  11. Field jungle Antenna Card
  12. Local Frequencies
  13. FT2d Manually setup Simplex Frequency – Front
  14. FT2d Manually setup Repeater Frequency – Back
  15.  Hillsborough AresRaces Emergency Frequencies
  16. Polk AresRaces Emergency Frequencies
  17. Yeasu VX-6R: Program Repeater
  18. Yeasu VX-6R: Save to Memory
  19. Weather report to your radio using WXBOT (US only)
  20. Weather reports to your radio using WXYO (Worldwide)
  21. TTP APRS Message Group   and  PDF Document
  23. Baofeng UV-#R series for Manual Setup Simplex Frequency
  24. Baofeng UV-#R series for Manual Setup Repeater Frequency
  25. FT-857D Power settings and V/M,  Display lamp mode, Color, Dimmer 
  26. FT-857D Program Repeater, Save to Memory, Digital Settings, ATAS-120A, VHF/UHF & HF settings
  27. FT-857 Lakeland Frequencies and Memory #
  28. BTech UV-25X2 Lakeland Frequencies and Memory #
  29. FT-891 System Menu Operation, Memory Operation, Digital Operation, Digital Settings, Linux DigiRig Settings, Linux DigiRig Settings

I hope you enjoy them…..

KM4VRZ, 73

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Mass Shooting Stats 2023

mass shooting

Current 2023 Mass Shooting Stats by Tom Grieve

AR15s are INSANELY Safe: The Statistics about how Safe “Assault Weapons” Are

Guns DO NOT Murder People: Criminals Do! Statistics on Violence, Gun Ownership, and Gun Control

Here are statistics on pool death compared to AR15 mass shooting deaths that Tom Grieve was mentioning, that I found.

Pool Drowning Statistics

In the United States:

  • Annually, about 3,500 to 4,000 people die from drowning, averaging around 10 fatal drownings per day.
  • Drowning is the leading cause of unintentional injury-related death for children aged 1 to 4 years.
  • Between 2019 and 2021, there was an average of 358 pool- or spa-related fatal drownings for children under 15 years of age, with 75% of these victims being younger than 5 years old.
  • On average, from 2020 through 2022, there were an estimated 6,300 nonfatal pool- or spa-related drowning injuries treated in emergency departments each year for children under 15.

Mass Shooting Statistics

In the United States:

  • In 2023, there were 647 mass shootings, defined as incidents where four or more people are injured or killed, not including the shooter.
  • In 2022, there were 645 mass shootings.
  • The number of fatalities in mass shootings in 2022 was 636, with 2,912 people injured.
  • Children and teenagers (ages 0-17) were victims in about 5% of these incidents


  • The annual number of drowning deaths (3,500 to 4,000) is higher than the total number of fatalities from mass shootings (636 in 2022).
  • Mass shootings, however, have a significant psychological and social impact, often drawing extensive media attention and prompting discussions on gun control and public safety.
  • Both issues highlight the need for preventive measures—water safety education and supervision to prevent drownings, and policy and community interventions to reduce mass shootings.

For further details on drowning prevention, you can visit Stop Drowning Now and the Consumer Product Safety Commission. For more information on mass shootings, resources like the Gun Violence Archive provide detailed statistics and analysis.

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USMC is looking at removing or changing their core values of Duty, Honor and Country

USMC logo

Removing “Duty, Honor, Country” from the ethos of the United States Marine Corps (USMC) is a decision that merits careful consideration and debate. However, it’s crucial to understand the rationale behind such a decision and evaluate its potential implications before forming a rebuttal.

  1. Contextual Understanding: Before rebutting, it’s important to understand the reasoning behind the removal of “Duty, Honor, Country.” Is it to modernize the ethos to better align with contemporary military operations and values? Is there evidence to suggest that these values are outdated or ineffective in the current geopolitical landscape? Understanding the context will inform the rebuttal.
  2. Core Values Preservation: “Duty, Honor, Country” are deeply ingrained in the traditions and history of the USMC. They encapsulate the core values that have guided Marines through generations. Removing them risks diluting the essence of what it means to be a Marine and could lead to a loss of identity and morale within the ranks.
  3. Moral Compass: Duty, Honor, Country serve as a moral compass for Marines, guiding their actions both on and off the battlefield. These values emphasize selflessness, integrity, and loyalty to the nation and its people. Removing them may create a void in ethical guidance, potentially leading to a decline in discipline and accountability among service members.
  4. Symbolic Importance: “Duty, Honor, Country” are not just words; they symbolize the sacrifices and commitments of Marines past and present. They inspire unity, resilience, and a sense of purpose among service members. Removing them could be perceived as a dismissal of these sacrifices and could erode the sense of pride and camaraderie within the Marine Corps community.
  5. Public Perception: The ethos of the USMC is not only significant internally but also shapes public perception and trust in the institution. “Duty, Honor, Country” resonate with civilians and reinforce confidence in the Marine Corps’ values and professionalism. Removing them may undermine public trust and lead to skepticism about the Marine Corps’ commitment to its foundational principles.

In conclusion, while changes to military ethos are not uncommon and can be necessary to adapt to evolving circumstances, the removal of “Duty, Honor, Country” from the USMC ethos should be approached with caution. Preserving these core values is essential for maintaining the integrity, identity, and effectiveness of the Marine Corps as a fighting force and a symbol of American strength and values.

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James Lindsay SHATTERS Woke Ideology


We all need to watch this – Lindsay provides comprehensive explanations regarding what is happening and how things are unfolding in the United States.

This is a little long but it will be worth it.

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UK banned guns now there banning knifes !


Well we think banning guns here in the United States will stop the killing of people, kids and we as 2A advocates have stated that will not solve the problem.

Take a look at the UK and what has changed on gun banning, You will see that now guns have been replaced with knives and sharp instruments and now by banning knives will resolve the problem.

Watch the below video:

What do you think? Post your comment below.

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193 countries and we in the United States are 3rd in gun violence.

Stop Gun Violence

Listen to this. You will be surprised we could be 189th see how.

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Constitution 101

We as a nation have forgot what our country was built upon. Here is a chance for a refresher, Hilldale College is now offering a FREE online class called “Constitution 101”.

Check it out below.

Hillsdale College “Constiution 101”

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