Try That In A Small Town


Need to listen to this!

This song is not about trying to start riots, this just tell the story about what has gone on in the US now.

Then stating this would not happen in the small town in the US, because they look out for each other and help each other.

FREE speech is a constitutional right for all people to be able to vocalize there concerns to each other and the government , but does not give you the right to riot, destroying property, stealing or hurting individuals.

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How many self-defense shooting where there in 2022?

The CDC compiled there annual report on deaths in December 2022.

There was one line about self-defense shooting that was removed under pressure by the US goverment to remove that line from the report.

That because it showed that around 2.2 million self-defense shootings had happened in 2022.

This is what the goverment didn’t want you to see, that more life’s where saved by individual licensed gun carrier’s, then by all the criminals use of firearms.

Why The Mainstream Media Drastically Underreports Defensive Gun Use.

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