Post Tennessee shooting , 152 rounds fired


I have been reading and listening to reporters, law enforcement, and individuals about demanding a band on AR 15 “Assault Rifles”. First, let me make it clear that these rifles are not Assualt Rifles, They did not have auto-select for rapid firing. you had to pull the trigger individually for each round fired.

You can fire that many rounds from a lot of firearms that have magazines, from pistols to rifles with small to larger-capacity magazine clips.

Nothing has been told about how many magazine clips were found at the site and what capacity they were, just that 152 rounds were fired. Neither were we told if the AR15 had been modified for auto-select firing.

There are illegal modification kits out there for rifles to pistols that can give these weapons this option. Some of them are even being made on 3D printers.

I am sure if the AR15 was bought at a retail gun store it did not come with Auto Select for rapid firing. Any weapon with that capability requires special licensing to own one and is mostly reserved for collectors. So not just anyone can get them.

So, was it modified or not?

If not, then almost any weapon with a magazine could be modified. Then the problem is not with the AR15s or pistols it is with the illegal modification kits that are being made that need to be addressed.

We have not been told what was in the manifesto, telling us the reason why it was done either.

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