UK banned guns now there banning knifes !


Well we think banning guns here in the United States will stop the killing of people, kids and we as 2A advocates have stated that will not solve the problem.

Take a look at the UK and what has changed on gun banning, You will see that now guns have been replaced with knives and sharp instruments and now by banning knives will resolve the problem.

Watch the below video:

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52% of American Homes Own Guns!

Watch this report by Tom Grieve from NBC.

24% increase Democrat’s owning Guns and a 70% increase of Blacks owning Guns

Go to Tom Grieve YouTube site for more information like this and more…

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How many self-defense shooting where there in 2022?

The CDC compiled there annual report on deaths in December 2022.

There was one line about self-defense shooting that was removed under pressure by the US goverment to remove that line from the report.

That because it showed that around 2.2 million self-defense shootings had happened in 2022.

This is what the goverment didn’t want you to see, that more life’s where saved by individual licensed gun carrier’s, then by all the criminals use of firearms.

Why The Mainstream Media Drastically Underreports Defensive Gun Use.