My First Ham Radio Field Rig

Ham Radio

I have just put together my first HT Field Rig (See the list below). I did replace some of the connectors on the Solar panel, Solar charger controller, FM power cable, and Inverter with Powerwerx connectors to work with the battery box.  

Video of my HT Field Rig deployed

My Equipment list

Yaesu FTM-300DR C4FM Dual-Band Transceiver (Use any mobile HT Ham Radio you like)

Explorer Deluxe Battery Box – ZXP-EXP-PBB (note: there is only 2 batteries that fit in the box a 12v 12ah or 12v 24ah both can only be purchased through Gigaparts and the the AC charger. All of the options are listed when you bring up the battery box.

Also be aware that the power switch is only for the USB ports. All the other ports do not have a switch to turn them off, but this has not been a problem it pulls very little power, it only drains less then 1% of the battery max. when nothing is plugged in and I have had mine for up to 6 months.

My Comment: I do want to say this is a great box with a lot of ports.

PO4Power 12V 24AH LifePO4 Battery

Portable Antenna Ground Mount

Slim Jim J-Pole Dual Band 2m 70cm Antenna (Get the antenna hook as well)

DOKIO 110w 18v Portable Foldable Solar Panel Kit  (I did not use the solar controller that came with the kit, because it did not have an MPPT controller for my LifePO4 battery)

ALLWEI 300W Car Power Inverter

Intelligent 10A MPPT Solar Charge Controller

25′ Coax UHF PL259 Cable

FM radio power cable w/fuses (Make sure you get the right power connector for your radio)

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