Ham Radio Reference Cards

ham radio emergency field operator

I have made up some business-size card that has reference information you could use in the field. Like how to manually program frequencies for simplex and repeater or Radio frequencies for your Ares/Races and others.

These are FREE Google slide files for anyone who wants them. Just do the simple steps below so you can modify them yourself.

  1. Click on the card you want below.
  2. Do FILE then Make A Copy select Entire presentation, and give it the name you want to call it, then select Make A Copy.

After you have done Make A Copy, you can modify it for your specific information.

NOTE: when you get ready to print your card, make sure that Scale% is set to Actual Size. Then Cut and Laminate.

  1. BF-F8HP for manual setup Simplex Frequency
  2. BF-F8HP for manual setup Repeater Frequency
  3. FTM 300dr for manual setup Repeater Frequency
  4. FTM 300dr for manual setup Simplex Frequency
  5. FTM-300dr Setting power level (TXPWR)
  6. Hillsborough FT2d Ares/Races Emergency Frequencies
  7. Hillsborough AresRaces PSO Email Addresses
  8. RTS System – Front
  9. RTS System – Back
  10. APRS Cheat Sheet
  11. Field jungle Antenna Card
  12. Local Frequencies
  13. FT2d Manually setup Simplex Frequency – Front
  14. FT2d Manually setup Repeater Frequency – Back
  15.  Hillsborough AresRaces Emergency Frequencies
  16. Polk AresRaces Emergency Frequencies
  17. Yeasu VX-6R: Program Repeater
  18. Yeasu VX-6R: Save to Memory
  19. Weather report to your radio using WXBOT (US only)
  20. Weather reports to your radio using WXYO (Worldwide)
  21. TTP APRS Message Group   and  PDF Document
  23. Baofeng UV-#R series for Manual Setup Simplex Frequency
  24. Baofeng UV-#R series for Manual Setup Repeater Frequency
  25. FT-857D Power settings and V/M,  Display lamp mode, Color, Dimmer 
  26. FT-857D Program Repeater, Save to Memory, Digital Settings, ATAS-120A, VHF/UHF & HF settings
  27. FT-857 Lakeland Frequencies and Memory #
  28. BTech UV-25X2 Lakeland Frequencies and Memory #
  29. FT-891 System Menu Operation, Memory Operation, Digital Operation, Digital Settings, Linux DigiRig Settings, Linux DigiRig Settings

I hope you enjoy them…..

KM4VRZ, 73

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