Florida Sheriff says Gun Control Cannot stop criminals from getting Guns.

criminals and guns

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This is what is going on in our country, 2 minors stole Guns (burglaries) and then used them to do harm to others.

Florida sheriff went on a rant against gun restrictions Friday while announcing the arrests of two minors in connection with a string of shootings that left three teenagers dead.

We do not need more gun control over lawful gun ownership and what weapons they can have, it is the criminals that need to be controlled, not us.

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Post Tennessee shooting , 152 rounds fired


I have been reading and listening to reporters, law enforcement, and individuals about demanding a band on AR 15 “Assault Rifles”. First, let me make it clear that these rifles are not Assualt Rifles, They did not have auto-select for rapid firing. you had to pull the trigger individually for each round fired.

You can fire that many rounds from a lot of firearms that have magazines, from pistols to rifles with small to larger-capacity magazine clips.

Nothing has been told about how many magazine clips were found at the site and what capacity they were, just that 152 rounds were fired. Neither were we told if the AR15 had been modified for auto-select firing.

There are illegal modification kits out there for rifles to pistols that can give these weapons this option. Some of them are even being made on 3D printers.

I am sure if the AR15 was bought at a retail gun store it did not come with Auto Select for rapid firing. Any weapon with that capability requires special licensing to own one and is mostly reserved for collectors. So not just anyone can get them.

So, was it modified or not?

If not, then almost any weapon with a magazine could be modified. Then the problem is not with the AR15s or pistols it is with the illegal modification kits that are being made that need to be addressed.

We have not been told what was in the manifesto, telling us the reason why it was done either.

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Justice Department asks Supreme Court to overturn domestic violence gun ruling.

The appeals court said people under domestic violence restraining order retain Second Amendment rights

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Montana AG to sue Biden administration over gun executive order

Republican Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen is prepping a lawsuit against the Biden administration over its gun violence executive order, saying the president “should know better” than to enact “draconian gun control measures.”

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Ham Radio Field Comm Recommendations


Here below you will find the PDF file listing the different Ham radios recommended for Field comms.

Gaston Gonzalez, The Tech Prepper – KT1RUN [QRZ] produces regular videos on practical preparedness. He is currently focusing on emergency communications for grid-down scenarios.

This was complied by KM4VRZ based on Videos by TheTechPrepper, on YouTube.

NOTE: I did this because I was trying to figure out what radio I may want to use for field comms for myself. There was so much information from The Tech Prepper I finally made a list. and decide to share it with you.

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Here are more statistics from the UN, CDC, Justice Department, and FBI on Gun-related deaths

gun control

Well according to the CDC, cars, poisonings, and even swimming account for annual deaths of those deaths by firearms, in particular when it applies to children. In fact, less than 70 deaths for kids under the age of 15 were due to accidental firearm use and when will look at all firearm deaths for children, the data proves more die from accidental drowning than being killed by a firearm. Now I know the focus is on assault rifles, but this truth is feculent.

What is confusing is that more than 66% of all gun deaths in the US are suicides – according to the UN, CDC, and FBI. Secondly, although there are more than 200 million rifles and shotguns owned by American citizens, 75 percent of the murders in the Americas (suicides not included) are committed with handguns with 4 percent and 5 percent being committed with rifles and shotguns respectively. These are FBI and Justice Department figures aggregated from state and local police affiliates. And I won’t say that the FBI also notes that more people are killed by bats and rifles combined.

This was from an article by Torrance Stephens at ThyBlackMan.com on March 1, 2023. Here is the link to that article: Gun Control in America: A Nation of Pet Rocks Governed and Schooled By Bricks. : ThyBlackMan.com

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“Woke” propaganda is destroying our country.

Listen to this MSN video. ‘America’s future is as bleak as North Korea’ says a defector after attending Columbia.

A North Korean defector issued a stark warning Monday on “woke” ideology in American classrooms, believing the U.S. could “absolutely” be headed down the path of her home rogue regime if it doesn’t reverse course.

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Criminals getting gun through theft and black market

According to a 2016 Bureau of Justice Statistics report, criminals convicted of using a firearm during their crime obtained it through illicit means 90 percent of the time. That’s through theft or the black market.

Why does this not surprise me, no one is looking at the facts of the lawful firearm retailers and individual gun owners are not the ones who need better regulations.

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