Getting APRS weather reports

APRS radio

This video will give you information on how to get weather reports using APRS.

WXBOT (US-only weather reports) for additional Info.

WXYO ( Worldwide weather reports) for additional Info.

US frequency 144.390 and the TO: field will be either WXBOT or WXYO and the BODY of the message will use one of the body text below.

By Ham Radio 2.0, Jason, callsign KC5HWB

WXBOT commands

Weather for todaytoday
Weather for tomorrowtomorrow
Weather for the day of the weekMonday
Weather by Zipcode5 -digit zip code
Weather by Airport3-character airport code (example: TPA)

WXYO commands

NOTE: Can also use all of the body text of WXBOT as well.

3-hour weather report3
6-hour weather report6
9-hour weather report9

Reference Cards

Weather reports to your radio using WXBOT (US only)

Weather reporting to your radio using WXYO (Worldwide)

NOTE: Make sure when you print to set the SCALE% to actual size. If you want to modify it do a MAKE COPY, ENTIRE PRESENTATION, and name it whatever you want to be, then hit the MAKE COPY button.

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